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Quantitative Methods degrees

Our degree programmes integrate new quantitative skills training with the teaching of disciplines and substantive areas.

By taking one of our programmes you will not only acquire deep knowledge of your subject but you will also develop the ability to handle data and use numerical evidence systematically.

You will be able to understand the issues and questions affecting your subject area and more importantly, you will develop the skills to answer those questions. More over your skill-set will be enormously transferable, opening doors to an exciting range of jobs and careers.

Our degrees also offer you the possibility to gain valuable experience by participating in internships with selected high-profile employers

Please click on the links below for information on the each of the social and political science with quantitative methods degrees offered by the University of Edinburgh.

MA Government, Policy and Society with Quantitative Methods

MA International Relations with Quantitative Methods

MA Politics with Quantitative Methods

MA Social Policy with Quantitative Methods

MA Sociology with Quantitative Methods

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