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The UK has a shortage of social science graduates with the quantitative skills necessary to evaluate evidence, analyse data, and design and commission research. These skills are essential to employers across all sectors. 

We help our students develop in-depth knowledge of their subject as well as the quantitative skills that allow them to make a substantial contribution to the employers offering them placements.

How employers can get involved with Q-Step

1. Work experience
We are looking for employers from all sectors to form partnerships with us and provide work placements for social science undergraduates.

Mentoring a Q-Step student could be a development opportunity for your staff.

By giving students the opportunity to see for themselves how quantitative analysis is used professionally, you will provide them with an invaluable experience. Students will be able to put theory acquired on their degree courses into practice, and their experience will inform their career choices, which might include working for your company.

Mentoring a Q-Step student could be a development opportunity for your staff – enabling them to develop their management skills.

Providing a placement will also enable your organisation to strengthen its links with the higher education sector, and could feed into your corporate social responsibility policy.

2. Influence the development of the new Q-Step courses and recognise their value in your recruitment 

Q-Step Centres are developing new quantitative methods content for their social science courses. You can help by telling us what these new courses need to include in order to equip students with the ability to apply their skills in the workplace.

Some Centres will offer new degrees or suites of modules that lead to a specialist quantitative methods qualification. If you show that you value these qualifications, students will be encouraged to take them.

Next steps
Contact Dr Gitit Kadar-Satat to find out how to go about offering placements to our students. Email:

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