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Festival of Social Science 2019 (New!)

Event for S5/S6 pupils

Go Figure! Understanding Social Inequality Through Numbers 

Workshop materials

  • Workshop booklet:download
  • Excel 'Life Tables for the United Kingdom and Afghanistan’: download

We are pleased to invite school pupils who are in S5/S6 and who are studying Highers in Maths or Modern Studies to participate in our full and exciting Festival of Social Science event on Friday 8 November 2018, 14:00-16:30, The University of Edinburgh.

This afternoon session on statistical literacy at the University of Edinburgh will include an Excel lab session and fun interactive activities which will promote secondary school pupils; 1) Ability to critically evaluate statistical findings from social research; 2) Data analysis skills in Excel; 3) Understanding of social and spatial inequality; 4) Familiarity with the new Q-Step degree programmes, including the opportunity to do a summer work placement which involves quantitative analysis of secondary data in a leading organisation as part of your degree; 4) Familiarity with pathways to careers which combine quantitative skills with knowledge of social issues.

We expect our participants to gain:

• Skills and confidence in using Excel to analyse statistical data;

• The understanding that you can combine an interest in maths and social science during your studies at university;

• An understanding of the range of ways that numbers can be used and applied in the field of social science;

• An experience that will show pupils that applying maths to social science situations is fun, useful and interesting;

• The opportunity to meet pupils from other schools;

• The opportunity to meet current Q-Step students and hear about their experiences while studying at the University of Edinburgh;​

• A taster of a typical afternoon at the University of Edinburgh.

Why come to our event?

We have a large body of staff and student ambassadors who are so enthused by what they do that they all want to be part of this event and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with local school pupils. From professors to students currently studying our undergraduate ‘with quantitative’ methods degrees, we have a committed group of individuals applying their skills and experience to make this event fantastic. Our event is mostly interactive, consisting mainly of hands-on lab work and group work. The event will include a poster exhibition in which our current students will showcase their placements projects. We aim to inspire a whole new group of quantitative social scientists and, of course, encourage them to come and study with us at The University of Edinburgh.


To register your class, please click here. For more information about this event, please contact the Q-Step Academy team Dr Helen Packwood and Dr Gitit Kadar-Satat: